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Our SRB808+ Vintage Classic 808 "Blows away a Vintage TS808, TS808 Re-issue and a TS7 or TS9 hands down".

The SRB808+ Classic is based on the original vintage TS808 circuit and we have modified the circuit and have tweaked the pedal to near perfection making this one of the best sounding overdrives on the market today. The SRB808 has increased bottom end, slightly less earpiercing mids better clarity, note definition, 2 times the gain of the standard vintage TS808.

This can also be used as a clean boost when the gain is set low. it also features an onboard IC socket so changing the IC takes only 5 minutes or less. You can also choose the IC chip - standard vintage type JRC4558D IC chip or the big Texas RC4558P IC chip.

This is also True Bypass so your tone stays intact when the pedal is off.

We also do custom mods to all our pedals at a additional cost depending on what the customer wants the pedal to sound like. There are also some upgrade options:

  • 3 way clipping switch and a fatboost switch
  • custom bass guitar mod - we can mod this for bass guitar use
  • Tweakable version - with installed components sockets in key locations and with a tone mod kit (assortment of Caps,resistors) so you can tailor it to your own sound

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