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We have designed a new Custom signature pedal for Alf Terje Hana lead guitarist of Norway's top contemporary style rock band-- Alf calls his sound contemporary because he does alot of incredible techo sounds in his music like Pink Floyd does. This pedal is based on a fully tweaked 808 type overdrive that has 2 toggle switches for clipping and mids and has been built to lead guitarist Alf Terje Hana's own specs with custom tweaks just for him and also feature a custom painted 1590NS enclosure in sweet looking Royal blue finish with black round knobs and others styles are available as a option. if your looking for a sweet overdrive pedal with lots of tweakability - sustain - clarity with lots of avalable gain and can go from clean to high gain overdrive heaven this is it. i can go from creamy Vintage TS808 - to screaming high gain Marshall sounds. controls are: Volume - Tone - Gain - 3 way clipping toggle switch and a (NEW) 3 way fatboost toggle switch with a socketed JRC4558D IC chip and other types are avalable as a option. This also features true hard wire bypass and a external 9 volt DC jack as well as a internal 9 volt battery snap , Note: This is also available in a 2in1 and a 3in1 version email or call for more details. For other tonal options- order the optional 4 pc IC chip tone mod kit.

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