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The MIB Dist Pro is based on the original Vintage Marshall Guv'Nor circuit with lots of refinements. this emulates the classic Marshall distortion sound from the JCM800, JTM45 and Plexi amp distortion.


  • a 3 band EQ so you have full control of the the tonal range from blues, classic rock and scooped mids type rock
  • Gray metalic finish or plain unpainted aluminum (your choice)
  • Tonboard IC socket so you can swap out the IC chip to get different type sounds
  • comes with a blue LED and true Bypass
  • Options:
    • Add a 2 way clipping switch: this option gives you two different types of distortion sounds: symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping
    • Add a 3 way clipping switch: giving you 3 OD sounds
      (Note: you can only choose one clipping switch per pedal)
    • Add a bright switch: opens the pedal up, less compressed sounding

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