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This is an overdrive that emulates the Famed Dumble amps overdrive sound but better IMO. The BluzKing is very Zenish, Bluesbreakerish but has more gain and clarity. This pedal is a incredibly smooth and open sounding overdrive and is more open sounding than a TS808 (think Robin Ford, Larry Carlton, SRV, Brad Paisley) plus the new version has more available gain now so it can be used for classic rock sounds.

The main focus of this pedal is to enhance your tone and not color it as this pedal only makes it sweeter plus adds more sustain and clarity to the sound. it can go from clean boost to low/medium overdrive sounds but is not designed for the heavy metal player though you can use this to push an overdriven amp over the top for metal. This is best used for low - medium gain application for country, blues and classic rock.

The added Voice control adjusts the clipping amount and mids and can go from a darker sounding overdrive to very open sounding overdrive. You can also dial down the gain and get a very nice clean boost and this also cleans up well with the guitars volume control.

The BluzKing features:

  • volume, tone, gain, voice controls
  • external DC jack
  • internal 9 volt battery snap
  • plain unpainted aluminum or gray metalic painted enclosure
  • IC chip is sockete, so changing IC chip is easy
  • standard LED color is blue, but can also be red, green ,orange, yellow on request.
  • upgrade options:
    • Add a 3 way cliping switch (gives you 3 different OD sounds)
    • Custom Knobs: we have several different knob styles now.
    • Custom Chrome LED holder

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