Effector 13 Synth Mangler



Effector 13

The world's first joystick controlled fuzz in a guitar pedal. What, that's not enough for you? How about thousands of textures and tones that emulate some of the best fuzz pedals ever built, all using 100% analog circuitry. Still not enough? How about turning your guitar into a heavy synth sounding machine, or sustain for days, or fuzz that changes depending on your playing style. Octave fuzz, scrambled fuzz, muff fuzz, noise fuzz, synth fuzz, dead battery fuzz, oscillating fuzz. Will you ever need anything else?

OohLaLa Manufacturing

  • Two Soda Meiser-style fuzz's in one box
  • Each has its own volume control, hiss and chaos modes
  • The Joystick controls the intensity of both fuzz's
  • Built-in photo eye to use the Synth Mangler as a stand alone noise generator!

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