Effector 13 Never Drive



  • Volume
    controls the output volume
  • Texture
    controls the amount of fuzz, at high settings an octave-up signal appears


Effector 13

The Never Drive takes upper octave fuzz to a new level. With the "Texture" control all the way to the left, your guitar produces the most wonderful dis-harmonic gate-fuzz that sounds very much like a fuzzy Sitar. For best results, use your bridge pickup, and pick heavily towards the bridge.

Turn the "Texture" control to the far right, and you have true upper octave fuzz mayhem that would put any other traditional Octavia-style pedal to shame.

For you lo-fi "dieing battery" fuzz freaks, turn the "Texture" control any where in between for a plethora of doomed fuzz tones.

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