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Devi Ever (January 2, 2011)

What is the Effector 13 Console II?

Quite simply it is a guitar pedal in which you can insert two specially designed cartridges to create your own unique effects unit.

What do the cartridges do?

For now the cartridges designers will be focusing on Fuzz, Distortion, Overdrive, and Boost fx, but there is the possibility of expanding into other kinds of fx in the future!

What are the controls?

The Effector 13 Console II consists of two "channels" that can be switched on / off independently, with the channel on the right cascading into the channel on the left (like a standard signal chain). Each channel has four knobs whose functions change depending on which cartridge is inserted into the unit.

So the controls change depending on the cartridge?

That is correct. For instance, the devi ever Soda Meiser's controls are left-to-right, Volume, Tone, Starve, and Gain. The devi ever Punch Love's controls are Volume, Tone, Grit, and Gain.

Can I build my own cartridge?

Unfortunately the current format used for the Effector 13 Console II requires a cartridge to be designed with SMD components which isn't very user friendly for the casual DIY enthusiast. Fortunately there will be an adapter available so that you can plug any standard breadboard into the Effector 13 Console II for prototyping purposes.

When will the Effector 13 Console II be available?

We are currently aiming to release the Effector 13 Console II as well as the Devi Ever Punch Love and Soda Meiser cartridges by Summer 2011.

When will cartridges from other companies be available?

The brilliant minds at Dwarfcraft, Fuzz Hugger, Infanem, Malekko, and Mellowtone have all committed to designing cartridges that will be available at various times through out 2011.

How much will the Effector 13 Console II cost?

The Effector 13 Console II will be available for $135, and will include the Devi Ever Punch Love boost / overdrive cartridge.

How much will cartridges cost?

Devi Ever cartridges will be available for $50. We are hoping that the other companies will aim to sell at this price point as well.

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