Efextek Phazix


Efextek (2004)

The Phazix is a full-featured phaser effect module perfect for the live DJ, the studio musician, or the performing artist. Its small and very portable size allows the Phazix to be taken anywhere without the hassle unlike larger, more bulky devices. And did I mention that it is 100% analog? That's right...100% pure analog integrated circuits. No DSP, no microprocessors, and no nonsense. Just connect the Phazix up to your sound source, and you will experience some of the juiciest, fattest, wettest, and most enjoyable analog phaser and filtering effects ever! Whether it be a turntable, a mixer, a CD player, an MP3 player, a computer, a synthesizer, or a microphone (you heard me correctly...a microphone too), the new Phazix will turn any line level (-10dBu) or MIC-Level input into a thick, plush and juicy soundscape. The Phazix can also be used for guitar applications as the MIC-Level Input can be used for both microphone and guitar inputs.

The EfexTek Phazix is also very versatile. Use it on any sound, loop, voice, guitar riff, or synth patch you want to fatten up, round-out, flatten-out, turn upside down, or totally annihilate! With EfeTek's original method of phasing and filtering, the Phazix can handle it all without breaking a sweat. Use a low, subtle Q to add just a bit of flavor to drums and synths. Use a sharp, high Q for a sound unmatched by most analog phaser effects out there on the market today. Now, turn the LFO Amount to zero, cut the signal to 100% wet, and you have a full-parametric bandpass filter!

The EfexTek Phazix is a full-parametric phaser and filter device. This means that you, the user, can tweak your sounds and music totally live with low noise, no delays, no static or pops, and no skipping or lagging (common to some DSP processor types).

With the awesome power of true analog style, the EfexTek Phazix will blow your mind but not your budget. Complete with six, rubbery knobs, the Phazix can control all the aspects and parameters of a true phaser effect and then some. At your fingertips, you are able to manipulate the phaser filter's center frequency, Q, gain, LFO speed, LFO amount, and the wet/dry mix. How many phasers out there can do all that? Besides the knobs, a true stereo bypass switch exists for easy, on-the-fly bypassing. Also on the Phazix is an input gain selection switch for choosing line or MIC level, and a beefy power button. An indicator also lets you know that the Phazix's circuits are ON. Now, compare all those features to a phaser effect out there on the market today. Seems like most come up a bit short to the Phazix!

What else? Power up the Phazix, connect up a microphone (non-amplified and non-XLR) to the 1/4" input jack, and now you not only have a cool phaser effect on the mic, but you also have added a built-in microphone pre-amp to line level (-10dBu). Is that nice or what? With all of these features in a sweet, brushed aluminum box only 7" x 5" X 3" deep, the EfexTek Phazix is a real bargain. The Phazix also includes a convenient power supply. No more batteries to run down and replace...ever!

Inside every Phazix is 100% quality. Each Phazix is crafted from the finest in electronic components and printed circuit board materials. You won't see any amateur perf boards or spaghetti messes of wires inside any of these bad boys. The Phazix is the product of many hundreds of hours of planning and designing by a fully-educated electrical technologist who knows audio circuits. Rest assured, that the Phazix is quality from the ground up.

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