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Eden Analog

Ever need a little more drive? How about a lot more drive? The Nashville Hot Boost is a great medium gain overdrive pedal that will do double duty as a clean boost. Just a twist of the drive and level knobs and this thing goes from silky smooth to red-hot while retaining excellent individual note clarity. Quiet circuit design keeps the noise down while the tone control will tame the highs or brighten up just about any setup. It's all up to you and your taste. The high-output and extended treble range along with mids that aren't over-pronounced make the Nashville extremely usable for the Hot Country picker as well. We also designed this pedal to get along well with the other effects in your lineup. Use it with another overdrive pedal to fire it up, or along with your whole collection of effects. Use it with a tube amp to give those tubes a serious kick in the butt, or use it with your solid-state amp. Put it in front of our Austin pedal for leads that kill. This little yellow box is at home most anywhere.

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