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Eden Analog

Is your old standby distortion pedal too fizzy? Does it hiss and howl like a 100 mph wind on the higher gain settings? Our Detroit Rock Distortion does Classic Rock, Southern Rock and 80's Rock with a little British Rock and Metal thrown in. Guess what? When you're not playing, it's QUIET! All distortion pedals by their very nature make noise, some more than others. You'll find the Detroit to be extremely quiet for such a high gain pedal. Lower the gain and you get a big fat, slightly compressed crunch great for the classic stuff. Raise the gain for a more modern tone. Dime it out for some serious high gain fun. Go from Mr. Gibbons and that ZZ tone to heavy metal, however you like it. Adjust the tone control to roll off the highs or let it rip wide open for solos. Although we designed it primarily for a guitar with humbucking pickups the Detroit will perform solidly with most any guitar/amp combination. When we use it we like to set our amps to that “just barely breaking up” setting. Whether you're into the classics or into the heavy stuff you should make a place on your pedal board for the Detroit.

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