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Ready for some killer tone without having to tweak knobs all day? The Austin Cool Blues is a versatile, high gain overdrive pedal that can get you from the low down blues to Stevie Ray to classic rock in a split second with just a hint of “brown” in the higher gain settings. Smooth highs, well-voiced mids and a chunky bottom that's not muddy set the Austin apart from the mass-produced pedals and digital offerings currently available. Whatever your guitar, whatever your amp, whatever your taste, it's not hard to find a few sweet spots on this pedal. The gain control sets the amount of overdrive, the tone control will let you add some top end for cutting through a mix or fatten up the bottom for some extra chunk. The level control handles the overall volume output. Whatever way you like your overdrive, it's probably in here. The Austin is input and output buffered in the “on” mode for compatibility with just about any guitar/effect/amp setup. Use it as a stand-alone overdrive that gets down and dirty but retains individual note clarity or use it in combination with our Nashville pedal on solos to kick it to a level that…well, you'll just have to hear it.

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