Eden Electronics GlowPlug - Bass Tubewarmer Pedal


Eden Electronics

Nashville, TN (July 9, 2015) - Eden unveils the Glow Plug stompbox – a pedal containing a 12AX7 tube. The GlowPlug adds organic tube warmth and girth to the sound of any bass rig. Designed specifically for the bass, the GlowPlug adds its magic without taking away that all-important note definition that many other such pedals damage or even remove.


  • Authentic 12AX7 tube design for real tube tone.
  • Adds real tube tone to any rig.
  • Adjustable Warmth control to change gain level of the tube.
  • Adjustable Crossover control to select the specific frequencies the tube warmth is added to.
  • Mix control to create the desired balance of the tube warmth with the direct signal.
  • Sturdy, stomp-proof housing.
  • 15V Power Adaptor included.

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