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The SuperSwitcher 2 is a programmable switching system for guitar, bass and any applications that require smart loop routing.

The unit includes the most advanced features built for a switcher inside a compact design enclosure, allowing the player to have, for the first time ever, a smart programmable device that can be placed in almost any size pedalboard and include all the features players need:

  • Audio loops
  • Relay switches (to control amp channels & reverb)
  • Midi In & Out to control presets and other midi applications
  • Switchable audio buffer
  • Basic Internal tuner (Tuner Out is also available)
  • The option to choose only the modules and features you need (custom)

For the first time ever, we managed to build a smart modular design, allowing the players to order exactly what they want and have their own custom switcher without paying $2000 for it.

The modular design is built from 2 types of modules - mandatory modules that come with any switcher, and optional modules. The default setup of modules we choose includes all the features that we feel are the best combination for most players - these are the specs for our standard SuperSwitcher 2:

  • 8 Audio loops for pedals (7 mono and 1 mono send/stereo return loop)
  • 2 relay switches -you can control amp channels, turn on the reverb in your amp and basically use anything that requires a latching switch with just one standard PL stereo cable.
  • Midi in & out - controls presets on your digital pedals and all other midi applications your setup has, Including an expression pedal jack!
  • Switchable audio buffer at the input of the switcher - keep the spark of your guitar signal that you lose with long cables with this high quality buffer.
  • FX Loop module - allows you to break the connection between loops in order to have "in from amp pedals" and "fx loop pedals" setup, When ordering you will have the option to choose where to "break" the connection for you - after 4 loops or after 6 loops.
  • For example - loops 1-6 will include wah , filter and distortion pedals, which will be sent to the amp Input. From the amp's FX loop of your amp you will send the signal back to the FX loop module of the switcher in order to have delay & reverb pedals at loops 7-8.
  • Internal tuner - that's right! We have a basic guitar tuner built into the switcher! We also include a tuner out jack, if you want to use your own, more advanced tuner (signal is muted when using the tuner feature so no one in the crowd hears you tune).
  • Stereo outputs L&R
  • 99 Banks with 5 presets on each bank.
  • GND lift switch

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