Echopark Dual-Harmonic Boost



Designed to meet the needs of modern players who want to fully retain their guitar and amplifier tones while faithfully boosting driving or overdriving  the preamp signal.

In keeping with Echopark,s tradition of exceptional quality and attention to every detail of our Instruments and Amplifiers.  The Dual -Harmonic boost allows you to create a platform of sounds utilizing 2 individual boost/pre amp voices that can be used individually or tied together to create endless combinations of the wall of tone...

Not distortion!  

Features :

  • Silent operation
  • Full size pots 
  • 9 volt battery power 
  • DC input is 9v. 2.5mm center negative 
  • Full size pots 
  • Point to point wiring 
  • True bypass switching 
  • Mil spec components 


The First boost section on the right (purple led) is the single Echopark Harmonic boost found in the Soap Box.

Ive added a master tone control to this pre-boost section for overall tone shaping as the use of this section is best suited for adding chime and crispness to darker guitars like paf loaded old hollow bodies,funky valco's, supros and the like. or just adding more articulation and harmonic content to solo's.  

The master boost section on the left (green led) is a redesigned and more efficient circuit based on the original and legendary LPB-1 circuit  ...

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