eCAA Sam Scramm Trem


Old Orange

Studio quality tremolo at a working mans price.

Classic photo-cell tremolo... Sine Square and sawtooth waves.

When we set out to build our new tremolo we wanted it to be versatile, sound phenomenal and be something that you just couldn't do without....Sine Square and sawtooth waves a must.

We also wanted it to be the finest pedal we've built to date. No clunky steel boxes or big ugly knobs..... only the finest Aluminum Military grade enclosures prepped and custom coated for us. Add to that a custom printed background on top of "midnight rain sparkled" powder coat. We call this our custom wrap. Our pedal not only is the BEST tremolo we've ever used it's gorgeous...some would even say sexy!!

A true gentlemans tremolo. One of the best sounding most versatile tremolos you will ever lay your hands on...

  • Classic Photo-cell based tremolo nothing sounds better than vintage.
  • True bypass
  • LED status/rate indicator
  • Top quality components
  • Hand built in Olympia, Wa.
  • Depth, speed, fine, smooth, spacing controls.

Not only does it sound F$#$#$!'s the most versatile tremolo you will ever use. Sine Square and sawtooth waves this thing will not leave you longing for another tremolo....probably ever.

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