eCAA Rect-O-Plex - Hi Gain Rectifier Emulator


Old Orange

Rect-O-Plex aka Dr Boogey.

Hugely popular among DIY enthusiasts the Dr Boogey has a huge following among DIY enthusiasts.

Designed with the intent of emulating the Dual Rectifier Solo Head, this pedal emulation captures the true essence of what it set out to do.

  • Hand built PCB
  • Hand wired
  • True Bypass
  • Hammond 1590DD Enclosure
  • Aluminum Knobs
  • Black Hammertone Powdercoat
  • Screen printed Art
  • Neutrik Sealed Jacks
  • CLIFF 3pdt(Switch)
  • Ultra-Bright  White LED bypass indicator
  • 9vDC Compatible.
  • Solid Core wiring.

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