eCAA Pross Fresh Comp



A "Fresh" take on a classic: an updated modded Ross compressor. More versatile with improved circuit peformance, less noise and better feel than the original.

  • CA3080 chip, 2n5088 Transistors
  • Volume - Sustain - Attack settings
  • 3 Way Attack switch allows quick change for Slow - Med - Fast Recovery times.
  • Retaining the Ross clarity with More Gain and better Treble response throughout the frequency range
  • The addition of a simple 3-way recovery switch makes setting "Attack" a breeze and responds better to faster pickers with the flip of a switch.
  • eCAA uses only the finest hardware and enclosures we can find. We manufacture our own boards, test every part for strictest tolerances,
  • and hand build every unit from the ground up.
  • True Bypass
  • No popping
  • Led Bypass indicator
  • Hammond 1590BB Enclosure
  • Switchcraft Enclosed Jacks
  • Cliff 3pdt
  • Hand Wired

I believe in keeping a low overhead... having reasonable prices, and fantastic hand built quality!

I see countless "boutique brands" (kitchen table) companies with no overhead selling for more than established "boutique" companies with HIGH overhead selling better products for less. How do you battle your way through the swarms of other "boutique" brands?.....Sell a better product for less.

No compromise, every pedal is hand built. Every part of the manufacturing process is checked and double checked. Quality control has to be at it's highest standpoint.

If a print looks bad, it gets re-printed, if a board isn't up to par we scrap it. Only the highest quality from the powder coated enclosures, 24g stranded copper wire or even the type of solder used, we cut no corners.

Try us out... you won't be disappointed!

Industry Standard 9vDC compatible

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