eCAA Oly Tremolo


Old Orange

Based on the EA(Electronics Australia) tremolo.

Much of this tremolos popularity is based not only on it's great sounding Tremolo, but it's FANTASTIC sounding preamp. A flip of the toggle switch bypasses the Tremolo effect and utilizes the preamp only for a great clean boost. Flip the switch back and you are in Tremolo heaven.

Use either as Boost or tremolo individually or just bypass completely via True Bypass.

Green LED rate indicator mod flashes constantly with the rate of the tremolo, geat for setting your rate visually on stage.

  • Hand Built in Olympia Wa.
  • Volume, Rate, and Depth Controls
  • Tremolo/Boost Switch
  • True Bypass
  • Hand etched and tinned PCB
  • Bypass and Rate Indicators(LED)
  • Boutique Hammond 1590B enclosure
  • Copper Vein (Hammertone) powder coated finish.
  • Screen Printed Artwork
  • SwitchCraft Enclosed Stereo jacks
  • CLIFF 3pdt
  • Highest quality 9vDC adapter I can find.
  • 22g Solid core wiring, pro build.
  • Requires the use of 9v Negative Tip adaptor such as Boss type

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