eCAA Mr. Pink



Based on the Flailing Rooster

Designed for players who want to set up and go. HUGE HUGE SOUND!!!!!

No need to play around with tone control, by playing with different volume and gain setting along with the 3 way toggle it's faster than ever to get the tone you are looking for.

A TL072 Chip and Mosfet clipping and vintage style diodes at the heart.

The Mr Pink does it all for the less aggressive stylist. Robben Ford to Robin Trower to Angus. This pedal shines with vintage like tones, slightly aggressive when you turn up the gain.

  • Volume and Gain controls
  • 3way toggle switches between Germanium, Silcon and LED clipping.
  • Hammond Trapezoidal enclosure.
  • Pink Sparkled Powder Coat.
  • Switchcraft Enclosed Jacks
  • And Tone to die for!!

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