eCAA Humbled OD


Old Orange

One tester said...."it's a humbling experience....everything I need!!"

Hence our "Humbled OD"

Our overdrive circuit based off of a combintation of Germanium Diodes and an OPA2134 Boutique chip gets the royal treatment, with it's roots taken our Roosters circuit.

Slightly hotter and more gain yet still retaining that earthy "humble"sound our Rooster has been getting a reputation for. Really we've just made things a LOT more versatile.

On top of that on the right side the Humbled features a totally seperate clean BOOST to give you up to 6dB of shimmering clean. An FET boost based off of the tube preamp section of vintage American amps modded for pedal use gives your amp a bit of sparkle and clarity.

Use each side individually or stacked, two seperate circuits each a tone king in it's own right yet stacked pure players bliss. Cut through the mix...and sound F#$(*#$(* phenominal!!

Hand wired!!!

Boutique Quality!!

Working mans price!!

Requires 9vdc power source such as OneSpot or Godlyke

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