eCAA Conky Tremolo



Based on the same design as the Samsquanch-Trem-Lune this bad boy has a heartbeat....don't believe it up and take a look...plugged in of course!!

Analog design using photo cell technology for true analog tremolo.

True Bypass - of course!!

Aside from the normal Speed, Fine, Spacing, Smooth, Depth, Ramp Up-Down and Volume Controls, the Conky adds a second speed control toggleable via footswitch for a second pre-set speed either slower or faster or just plain insanity for you modulation freaks the Conky does it whether it be Square, Sine or Sawtooth waves.

On top of that in the middle toggle position you bypass the tremolo effect turning the pedal into a great clean boost by using the fantastic sounding preamp utilized by the Conky.

One feedback based on our old design dubbed it the "Ultimate Tremolo" with the mods it can't be beat.

Locally it has gotten fantastic reviews... one player flat out refused to give it back!!


  • Volume
  • Speed 1
  • Speed 2
  • Fine-works with speed control
  • Smooth
  • Spacing
  • Depth
  • Ramp Up/Down switch
  • Led indicators for both Bypass and Rate for visual settings.

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