EBS Bass IQ Triple Envelope Filter


  • Threshold
    Controls the sensitivity of the filter. The higher the setting, the higher the sensitivity. This Control is very useful for fine-tuning the BassIQ for full dynamic operation, which means that the filter will follow the instruments' signal strength when playing.
    For a passive instrument use a fairly high setting, for an active instrument use a moderate setting for normal operation.
  • Attack
    Controls how fast the filter will react on the instrument. Minimum setting on this knob will allow the filter to react immediately. The maximum setting gives the filter a delay of approximately 2 seconds.
  • Filter Mode (Down/Up/Up-HiQ)
    Hi-Q (up mode): This mode gives the sharpest sound, also known as auto-wah, and goes from low to high frequencies. This mode is especially suitable for special effects and harsh guitar sounds.
    Up: When the filter reacts, the filter will "open", or go from low to high frequencies. This is the classic operation of an envelope filter.
    Down: When the filter reacts, the action will be downwards, from high to low frequencies. Fairly long attack times and low threshold values are recommended for best results here.



The EBS BassIQ is an analog envelope filter pedal that is triggered by the notes you play. The result is the hottest, funkiest, most rumbling bass sound ever created. The pedal has two controls and a mode switch which is extremely easy-to-use, and achieves sounds ranging from the classic auto-wah to your own unique spaced-out sound.

the manual

The EBS BassIQ pedal is equipped with a HF MIX-IN trimmer for further fine-tuning your sound. This function makes it possible to mix in an amount of the high frequencies from the original 'bypassed' sound. The range can be set from 0% to 100% mix. The factory setting for this trim pot is set to 0%.
The Trimmer is located on the printed circuit board, and is easily accessible by removing the bottom plate. When doing any adjustments, please use a plastic screwdriver, and turn this trimmer gently.

EBS (2009)

The EBS BassIQ is an analog envelope filter pedal that is triggered by the notes you play. The results are the funkiest and most responsive sounds in a stomp box.

The pedal achieves sounds ranging from the classic auto-wah to your own unique space-bass or ”Funkadelic” sound. It features controls for threshold and attack, and runs in three different modes, Hi-Q, Up and Down.

Improvements with the new edition:

  • 3 dB higher headroom
  • Higher sensitivity - easier to dial-in
  • New analog circuitry with higher dynamics and lower noise.
  • Mechanical True Bypass switching

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  • Nominal Input Level
    - 8 dBv
  • Input Impedance
    200 kohms
  • Bandwidth
    +0/-3 dB / 20-20k Hz
  • Filter Range
    30 - 6k Hz
  • Filter Q
    min 3, max 10
  • Threshold
    -50 - +6 dBv
  • Attack Time (80%)
    50 ms - 2 s
  • Power Requirements
    9 V DC Regulated, 10 mA.
  • Dimensions
    WxHxD: 2.8" x4.5" x1.4" (70x115x35mm)

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