EarthTone Rose - Tube Echo



This tube echo is the first Earthtone step towards a psychedelic and wonderful world. Rose wants to be a real alternative to the digital pedals following the path of great effects of the past like Aiwa and Echoplex, but with its own personality; the idea was inspired by the legendary song "Mistreated" by Deep Purple, whose introduction led the path for blues-rock ballads. The echo analog circuit assisted by its famous PT2399 allows the signal repetition and the control of the intervention of the 12au7 tube. New sound solutions are obtained thanks to a tube amplification section that reaches up to 10db of gain. Earthtone found inspiration for its new analog tube echo from the scent of a rose, and the different shades of its petals, so this boutique pedal is able to reproduce the same note with slightly different sounds. All our effects are Real True Bypass.

Technical Features:

  • Consumption @ 9V - 170 mA 
  • Consumption @ 12V - 200 mA 
  • Min Gain  - 0 db 
  • Max Gain  - 5 db Delay -0-700 msec 
  • Min Harmonic Dist  @ 440 Hz - 0,3% 
  • Max Harmonic Dist  @ 440 Hz - 5% 
  • Impedence In -150 K 
  • Impedence Out - 50 K

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