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Chicago Music Exchange

We're proud to present the Cloven Hoof Reaper. The latest member of Earthquaker Devices legendary Hoof family in this Orange/Grey color is limited to only 20 units and available exclusively at Chicago Music Exchange. 

In the beginning there was the Hoof, a no-fuss device capable of warm gritty overdrive and huge sustaining fuzz. Time passed, and the Hoof eventually crossed paths with the Tone Reaper fuzz. This union would go on to produce a powerful combination of unwavering fuzz and old school analog octave control, they called it Hoof Reaper.

Fast-forward to the Summer of 2014, when yet another elusive Hoof was discovered. This Hoof was different... grittier, more bass heavy, and with a crunch that could not be achieved with the standard Hoof. They called it Cloven Hoof, and it ruled with an iron... hoof. 

The fuzz control has four times the range of the regular Hoof, it will go from completely clean to an all out fuzz fury with more grind at the top end of the dial. The tone control has been refined to allow a more even sweep with enough mids to handle all the additional low end. The shift control still boosts or cuts the mids and there is still a TON of output on tap. The Cloven Hoof is the perfect solution for those of you who always wished the Hoof had more and the Cloven Hoof Reaper adds even great possibilities.

Each Cloven Hoof Reaper is made by hand in the majestic mountain top village of Akron, Ohio.


  • Cloven Hoof
    • Fuzz: Clockwise for heavy, counterclockwise for light.
    • Tone: Bass to the left, Treble to the right
    • Level: Use this control to make the Cloven Hoof louder or quieter.
    • Shift: This adjusts the mid content, clockwise for scooped mids, counterclockwise for boosted.
  • Tone Reaper
    • Tone: Treble to the left, Bass to the right
    • Fuzz: Controls the sustain and nature
    • Level: Controls the output
Power: Any regulated 9 volt DC power supply with a negative 2.1mm center barrel or any type of 9v battery. Current draw is around 10ma.

Available switching combos:

  • Hoof Alone
  • Reaper Alone
  • Octave Alone
  • Reaper + Octave
  • Hoof + Octave
  • Hoof + Reaper
  • Hoof + Reaper + Octave

Use the individual switches to activate the level of mayhem you wish to unleash.

Dimensions: 5.5" x 4.5" x 2.5" with knobs.

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