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The Crimson Drive is a germanium based overdrive. It creates an open, uncompressed overdrive with excellent sustain via a NOS germanium transistor and 2 germanium diodes. When it reaches top gain, it creates an excellent singing marshall-esq fuzz tone. It works wonders on single coils and sounds great on open chords. Lots of volume on tap as well!

Earthquaker Devices (Summer NAMM 2012)

Crimson Drive Germanium Overdrive

The Crimson Drive was one of the first pedals we released back in 2006. It was highly regarded by the few who picked one up but was eventually cut due to a lack of quality germanium transistors. We recently uncovered a massive batch of excellent NOS black glass germanium transistors that fit the bill and decided to bring the Crimson drive back in all it’s gritty, harmonic-rich glory. The circuit is exactly the same as it was with the addition of an often requested tone control for fine tuning. This device will also be released in limited runs.

Release Date: TBA

Street Price: $145.00

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