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first info by EarthQuaker Devices (Aug. 4, 2010)

When i first started working on the Monarch I mentioned that it was a mix of Plexi/Bassman/Orange and it really ended up with more of the orange flavor. This is the more Marshall/cranked Bassman type sound but it's a little bit more. It's an attempt to get the sound heard on "How The West Was Won" and several other Zeppelin bootlegs. Not totally over the top distorted yet not too clean with a healthy mid range that's still full and lively with the low end. An "Amp on a record in a box".

It's also transistor based which is a little unorthodox. Gives it a little more of a vintage feel I think.

Works best at 18v but still sound cool at 9v.

The first 125 are done ye olde fashioned way with ivy green spray paint and waterslide decals, the rest will be powder coated (color undecided) and screen printed. $145.00 is the price.

EarthQuaker Devices

The Chrysalis is an all discrete, transistor based overdrive aimed at capturing the recorded sound of 70's era rock. That's right, not the sound of a vintage amp but the sound of a vintage amp as heard on a record. An “amp-on-a-record-in-a-box” if you will. It's voiced with an emphasis on the midrange which makes it cut in a live band scenario yet it still has a lot of texture in the low end. Never flabby, full of organic life and presence which helps push the guitar forward with loads of clarity and harmonics. It's not an over the top high gainer, it's more natural in it's break up and it just sounds vintage. The Chrysalis really shines when the gain is dimed and the amp is cranked. An 18 volt power supply is ideal to achieve the most dynamics with a punchier sound, greater headroom and more response to your picking.

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