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    EarthQuaker Devices is owned by Jamie Stillman and located in Akron, Ohio. He runs with with the huge help of Jeff France, Justin Seeker and Ted Pitts.

    Timeline (by Jamie Stillman)

    The evolution of EQD can actually be traced in our smallbear account...

    • August 2005: Opened up my old DOD250 to replace a pot and thought "That's it? Really? I could do that!".
    • August 2005-November 2005: started looking for anything I could find on the internet about circuit design and guitar effect related schematics. I stayed up for days and days for months on end reading everything I could find. I became obsessed with it!
    • November 2005: Ordered parts to build a fuzz face and ultimately failed 5 or 6 times until I got it working. To this day I still think that circuit is a mother fucker to build and tune correctly. Everyone thinks it's a simple circuit but there is actually a lot at play for such a small amount of parts. Everything counts in a major way.
    • November 2005-March 2007: Built tons and tons of pedals on perfboard. A lot of them were just ideas I had based on building blocks taken from other pedals and failed miserably. I don't think I knew breadboards existed at this time, would have saved me $1000's in parts and loads of time. I was going about it all backwoods style :) At some point through this time period I built a couple fuzz face and range master clones and sold a few on eBay.
      Around January of 2007 I built Dan Auerbach (who I was tour managing at the time) a big muff clone that eventually became the Hoof Fuzz after a few modifications. He used it on a few tours that year and people started asking me to build them. I sold the first production Hoof on March 18, 2007 to Jaime Rios via eBay. This is about the time it started to take off.
    • November 11 2007: Found our first dealer in Tone Factor. He may not realize it but Brad really helped me set the model for EQD. I had past business experience from a DIY record label I ran from the age of 14 until I was 24 which helped a little. Dealing with Brad helped me figure out pricing, build times, invoicing, etc.
    • December 2007: Released the Disaster Transport, which at the time was one of very few boutique delays. They took off and EQD started consuming my life.
    • December 2009: Quit my day job as a graphic designer, hired our first full time employee, built our current workshop.
    • March 2010: Quit my other day job as Black Keys TM and started running EQD full time.



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