Earthbound Audio Effects Supercollider


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Earthbound Audio Effects

This pedal is capable of massive guitar sounds ranging from super low frequency fuzz to tight crunchy distortion. It is excellent for low-tuned guitars and players who need a versatile pedal for various styles of heavy music. Also great for bass guitar due to the huge low end available.

The controls:

  • DEPTH: this controls the amount of low frequency available. turn the knob fully counter-clockwise for the most bass and fuzzier sounding notes. turn it clockwise for a progressively crunchier sound with crisper notes.
  • TONE: start at noon and turn clockwise for more treble or counter-clockwise for less. use this in conjunction with the depth control and mids switch to fine tune the distortion.
  • MIDS: gives a scooped mids sound fully couter-clockwise up to a boosted midrange and all points in between.
  • GAIN: intensity of distortion. sounds best between 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock (maximum) for super heavy sounds or between 10 o'clock and 1 o'clock with the volume cranked to drive an amp.
  • VOLUME: overall output volume. adjust to taste.


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2016-07-1071 2016 Orange9/10  Great Bass Fuzz!...

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