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The Pale Mare is a silicon fuzz based on the Japanese Roland Bee Baa. The sounds available go from scooped buzzy 60's psych fuzz to crunchy distortion to heavy sludge madness.

Controls are:

  • Level - Output volume
  • Fuzz - Intensity of fuzz and sustain. Gets very saturated by noon. Higher settings can bring glorious feedback for depraved fuzz freaks only.
  • Tone - A treble cut to fine tune the fuzz.
  • Filter - A vintage scoop filter found in many classic Japanese fuzz designs activated by the F footswitch. Fully counter-clockwise yields the heavy mid-scooped buzz found in the original Bee Baa. Turning the control clockwise adds mids, volume and saturation leading to a brutal sludge tone.
  • TR toggle - A 3-way switch to choose the preferred high-end response. Middle position offers the most high-end sizzle, right position is the mellowest response and left falls in between. This control is very useful when switching between different types of pickups.
  • Gate knob / toggle

The pedal is wired for true bypass and runs on 9v battery or industry standard Boss-style 9v power supply.

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