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Earthbound Audio Effects (August 31, 2012)

The IRON PIG distortion is arriving in October.

This pedal takes the classic LM308 fueled distortion sound, increases the low end and offers 9 different distortion flavors via a toggle and rotary switch.

A brief rundown of the controls:

  • LEVEL - Output level.

  • GAIN - Amount of distortion to the signal.

  • TONE - Classic high cut control- more high end clockwise, less high end counter-clockwise.

  • TOGGLE SWITCH: Chooses the general type of gain.

    • DIS - Distortion- hard edged classic sound

    • OD - Overdrive - less intense distortion that works well with an already dirty amp.

  • ROTARY SWITCH: Chooses what type of components cause the distortion sound.

    • GE - Germanium diodes. Very compressed, warm, and fuzzy.

    • SI - Silicon diodes. The standard sound. Smooth and compressed.

    • LED - LEDs. Very crunchy and raw with a tighter low end and more midrange emphasis.

    • LS - LED / Silicon diodes. A hybrid clipping combination that is very dynamic with great note definition.

    • 308 - No diodes- distortion from the LM308 chip only. Very loud, raw and uncompressed.

The toggle and rotary switches can dial in 9 different flavors of distortion (308 mode is the same in DIS or OD).

The IRON PIG pedal can be pre-ordered through September 15th for $150 (plus shipping if outside the U.S.)- after that the standard price will be $175. Use the Paypal button below and don't forget to choose the pedal color. Pre-orders will ship in early to mid October.

Choose between black enclosure w/ yellow ink, green enclosure w/ black ink or orange enclosure w/ black ink.

A limited run of 6 pedals in a black enclosure w/ black ink is available during the pre-order period. These will look like the black on black Beasts made a few months back.

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