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The Centurion fuzz pedal from Earthbound Audio is made by hand in the U.S. This model is a silicon transistor based fuzz using NOS bc109 transistors. It is designed to provide heavy fuzz ideal for 70's / stoner / riff rock.

Controls are as follows:

  • VOLUME: output level of the device. loads of output available.
  • MASS: a sort of tone/sustain control. far counterclockwise settings have less wooliness and a clearer pick attack while far clockwise settings have much more wooliness and sustain.
  • FUZZ: intensity of the fuzz signal. 3/4 to maximum is recommended.
  • HI switch: a 3-way high cut. center allows the most treble through, right cuts some high end, left cuts even more high end.
  • LO switch: a 3-way low end boost. center allows the least bass through, right adds low end, left adds a ton of low end.

Other features include:

  • Hand wired throughout the pedal
  • True bypass wiring
  • NOS bc109 transistors
  • 1% metal film resistors for lower noise level.
  • High quality WIMA film capacitors and BC Components electrolytics
  • Bright blue LED indicator
  • Powered by a 9v battery or boss-style adapter

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