EAR Model 12 Mark II State Variable Vactrol Filter


Electro-Acoustic Research (EAR)

The Model 12 Mark II is a creamy-smooth two pole, vactrol driven State Variable multimode filter with simultaneous outputs for lowpass, bandpass, highpass and allpass taps. Independent controls for both resonance and bandwidth yield a plethora of sonic possibilities, from in-your-face wah to subtle spectral coloring.

An internal AGC (automatic gain control) circuit assures linear energy output even in high Q applications, while a unique bandwidth pot allows for user-selectable mixtures between first pole (6db/oct) and second pole (12dB/octave) outputs.

The M12 was intentionally designed NOT to oscillate and focuses instead on what vactrol filters do best - the net result being both incredibly smooth and impeccably musical. But don't let the cream spoil you -- the input level pot has been scaled to 11 and will merrily crush, twist, gnash and otherwise spew anything passed through it. You ain't heard fuzz tilll you've heard vactrol fuzz.

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