Eagletone (Wide Series) Pumpkin - Compressor


  • Sustain
  • Attack
  • Level



The compression effect is not as identifiable as the distortion or delay, but when you remove it, it's like you go from color to black & white. Easy to adjust, intuitive and extremely effective , the Pumpkin pedal is going to open your mind to a new sound dimension.But in fact, how does a compressor work? Imagine a devoted assistant who turns up the volume and increases dynamics when you slightly play.

  • Attack knob - extend the length of your notes when you are playing solos.
  • Sustain knob- gets more power of your amp without damaging it
  • Level knob - protect your amp when you attack your strings,  fully automatic detection of the compression threshold

With only 3 adjustment knobs, the Pumpkin compressor provides all these functions, it gives you an optimal sound and allows a great comfort when you are playing with a band or recording in studio.Thanks to a high-quality circuit, its special treatment always sounds natural and never cheap or flat, a result sometimes found in low-quality compressors. Associated with a distortion or with an overdrive pedal, the Pumpkin pedal will bring richer tones. Furthermore, notes and chords will have thicker sound textures. After few seconds of use, you will not wonder anymore why some masters like David Gilmour or Billy Gibbons partly built their sound signatures with compression. It is also an ubiquitous ingredient of Funk music giving to bumps and chords an unique clacking sound. For the slide (bottleneck style of guitar playing), this is also a pedal which does miracles because it naturally extends the notes allowing you to increase to its maximum the expressivity of the sound. This list could be exhaustive and go on for ever, but the most important thing is that this is an essential tool for experienced guitar players.


  • Robust metal case
  • Finishing: complete epoxy painted coating
  • Compact pedal shape and size and the jack area is placed behind for a minimum space requirements
  • Access plate has an easily removable battery closed with tight seal and has an anti-skid surface.
  • Potentiometers, jacks and switch screw on the chassis, no weakening of the printed circuit board
  • High-quality components and distortion circuit
  • Controls : Sustain, Attack, Level
  • Dimensions (inches): Length: 3.85, Width: 2,75, Height: 2,16
  • Weight : 8.818 oz.
  • Power supply: 9V 6F22 battery provided or DC 9V 200 mA (optional)

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