Eagletone (Wide Series) Drive In - Overdrive



Overdrive is a term used in the car industry, to modify a carburetor in order to improve the engine performance. The Drive In pedal will bring the same thing to your amplifier, to make it sound like something you have never heard before. It perfectly reproduces how an all tube amp sounds when you turn the volume up, a natural distortion with rich overtones.The Drive In is a generous overdrive which respects the subtle detail sounds of your guitar and your amp's personalities. No matter the power gain you chose, the potentiometer around allows you to adjust the tone to sound as natural as possible, without the electronic sound of an usual overdrive pedal. Whether you like thick and aggressive distortions or light and mild distortions, you just need to adjust the power gain and the middle knob. The setting of the middle knob extends or lowers the mid frequencies proportion playing at the same time the function of the traditional but essential high and low tone control knob. You influence the character and consistency of the overdrive by turning only one knob, allowing you to quickly find the right tone that suits your amplifier and your guitar.


  • Robust metal case
  • Finishing: complete epoxy painted coating
  • Compact pedal shape and size and the jack area is placed behind for a minimum space requirements- Access plate has an easily removable battery closed with tight seal and has an anti-skid surface.
  • Potentiometers, jacks and switch screw on the chassis, no weakening of the printed circuit board
  • High-quality components and overdrive circuitry
  • Controls : Gain, Middle, Level
  • Dimensions (inch): length 3,85, width 2,75, height 2,16
  • Weight : 8.818 oz.
  • Power supply: 9V 6F22 battery (provided) or DC 9V 200 mA (optional).

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