Dytone AGE Active Guitar Electronic


Dytone (2004)

No more trouble with cabels. With this electronic the length and quality of cabels will no longer have an effect on the quality of sound. The brilliant sound is characterized by powerful treble, bass and very clear mids.


  • successfully tested for years
  • great quality of sound
  • black PET case
  • belt clip
  • low power consumption
  • also as a built-in version

The Active Guitar Electronic is available as a built-in version or as an external unit in a black case with a belt clip. Through very low consumption of power ( 75 µA) we can guarantee a very long existance of the battery. The life-span of the battery and with it the length of use of the electronic depends on the quality of the used battery. We recommand a alkali- or litium battery of 9 volt. Furthermore the electronic is switched on/off by sticking in the guitar cable.

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