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Dwarfcraft Devices

Intense fuzz and distortion can be yours with simple movements of the handy joystick.

The Dwarfcraft Synth Mangler distortion guitar effects pedal boasts a pair of Devi's flagship Soda Meisers with all the trimmings, and of course, its own joystick. The Synth Mangler's joystick controls the intensity of the fuzz. The Soda Meiser can be a meaty rhythm fuzz, but where it excels is the squelching electronic octave up violence, splattery noise, and angry howling oscillation. The closer the joystick is to the Volume knob, the more intense it is. The Noise and Chaos toggle switches bring out additional hisses and brightness for screaming guitar distortion, even in lower-gain settings.


  • Synth Mangler 1 switch
  • Synth Mangler 1 noise toggle
  • Synth Mangler 1 chaos toggle
  • Synth Mangler 1 volume knob
  • Synth Mangler 2 switch
  • Synth Mangler 2 noise toggle
  • Synth Mangler 2chaos toggle
  • Synth Mangler 2volume knob
  • Master joystick
  • LEDs

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