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Dwarfcraft Devices

The Dwarfcraft Thumping Double Squaresnakes synthesizer is an original Dwarfcraft guitar pedal that rocks like a superstar. The Thumping Double Squaresnakes sings, screams, and fights with itself.

The pedal is a three-oscillator square-wave synth. It boasts an independent mix knob for each voice on board. The other knobs tune the oscillator. Squaresnakes also has a fancy green LED. The second oscillator knob is quite versatile as it slows the oscillation to a repetitive tick (the sound of something turning on and off), all the way up to squealing electronic tone.

You can match the notes up with any of the oscillators to cancel them out, which is fun for cutting the sound in and out. The Dwarfcraft Thumping Double Squaresnakes synthesizer's wild electronic sounds will give you an all-night party of freq'd-out sound madness.


  • Powered with a 9V battery
  • Independent mix knobs
  • Oscillator tune knobs
  • Green LED light

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