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Great news! Today, 11-11-11, we launch a new pedal: Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas, or SOMMS.

For SOMMS, we looked back at our square wave synths, Thumping Double Squaresnakes and Rot Yr Brain and thought, “Well, we could squash these together into a super synth of limitless evil.”

SOMMS features four oscillators, one low frequency rhythmic driver, one fine tunable audio drone, and finally a pair of squealing singers controlled via joystick.  These are all mixed via a network of volume knobs.  To top it off, we added a feature often requested from players, an instrument input! Finally, you can have a Dwarfcraft synth on your pedal board, complete with in and out holes.

SOMMS will be available to ship next week, $185 to retailers, $275 to customers.

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