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The Dwarfcraft Shiva Fuzz pedal stretches guitar effects limits. Shiva is a fuzz monster, covering all of Dwarfcraft's fuzzy favorites. The Shiva pedal does beefy tyrannosaurus fuzz, groovy octave fuzz, unsettling science experiment squelching and belching, and both rhythmic and tonal oscillation.

Dwarfcraft's Shiva Fuzz is no ordinary signal-changing pedal. This pedal is a mystery to get lost in. You get sounds that a conventional distortion, fuzz, or reverb pedal simply can't get. The Shiva Fuzz pedal summons random musical qualities to happen outside of a conventional signal for truly mind-bending results.

While the Shiva makes a couple familiar sounds, like a nice beefy power-chord type of fightin' fuzz, and a snotty octave up, Dwarfcraft found it much more exciting to get odd sounds out of it. Shiva squeels, motorboats, and goes deep with sub-octave powers. Many of these sounds can be switched on via the pedal's right-mounted Starve switch.


  • Volume dial
  • Texture dial
  • Starve dial
  • Bypass footswitch
  • Starve footswitch
  • Left and right toggle switches

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