Dwarfcraft Devices Rot Yr Brain


Dwarfcraft Devices

The Dwarfcraft Rot Yr Brain guitar effects volume pedal functions as a 4-oscillator square-wave synthesizer. You control the Rot Yr Brain stompbox with its pair of joysticks, offering a noisy and exciting musical experience.

Each of the Rot Yr Brain's joysticks controls a pair of square wave oscillators that are tied to the volume knob above each joystick. Rot Yr Brain also has 2 volume controls. It has dual LED lights that show the rate of oscillation. With the Rot Yr Brain it's as easy to make noise, as it's fun to find groovy drones.


  • Two joysticks
  • Two volume knobs
  • Two LED lights
  • Wide range of cool noises to control and customize

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