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Dwarfcraft Devices

The Dwarfcraft Robot Devil Fuzz guitar effects pedal brings forth a wide range of fuzz and overdrive—if you're into that kind of stuff. If that weren't enough, The Robot Devil fuzz has massive volume as well as rhythmic oscillation to add extreme dimension to your fuzzed-out sound.

Dwarfcraft gives the Robot Devil plenty of their signature squeeling noises that you can control with your guitar's knobs. One or 2 poorly tracked octaves spew from the Devil stompbox's out hole, punishing your amp and your mind with squarewaves of doom.

The Robot Devil fuzz pedal's sound is altogether unique, unlike anything you've ever heard from other fuzz pedals. The Devil's power is immense, and the depth is vast. But you've gotta hear it for yourself.


  • Octave control
  • Starve control
  • Dirt control
  • Octave switch
  • Bypass switch
  • LEDs

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