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The Power Struggle starves your device of power. It's a super simple circuit that essentially slows down the power to your pedal, making it (sometimes) do whacky stuff. With the variable resistor knob, you have full control over the amount of power you allow to your pedal, with strange but cool results. The Power Struggle accepts both center negative and center positive power plugs, but puts out the power in a center negative plug, a very common power plug for many effects pedals on the market today. Your power comes out of a standard-sized (center negative) plug that's included on the pedal, which fist right into your effects pedal. The Power Struggle also has a 1/4" jack for an expression pedal (not included), so you can control the variable resistance with your foot. Ant time you starve a circuit of power, it's going to lose volume. So you can turn up the volume on your amp or effects pedal, and think of the resulting sound as a normal level when the Power Struggle is engaged, and just a volume boost when not engaged.

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