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I called it the "King of Killswitches" because, well, one of the switches is a kill switch. Just BANG. All signal to ground, sounding exactly like switching to a pickup that's turned off, or for the Tom Morellos among us, actually tapping a killswitch on a guitar.

WHO CARES, right? Well, Memento also remembers your "kill pattern" and loops it when you tap the "recall" switch, so you can continue playing whatever you like while Memento kill switches for you!

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. While recalling a kill pattern, tapping the kill switch will DOUBLE the speed of the looping kill pattern. Tapping again will double that, for a QUADRUPLE SPEED LOOP (of killing.)

No hard facts on final size or cost, but we are aiming REALLY LOW for the price.

We are happy to announce the Memento.

Well, we built a better mousetrap. The Kill switch has been topped!

Sure, the Memento can function as a standard kill switch, the ultra simple, super effective tool employed by artists as diverse as Norman Greenbaum, Tom Morello, and Collections of Colonies of Bees, but it's so much more...

How can you improve on such a killer tool? Easy. Give it a memory.

The Memento remembers your kill pattern, and with the tap of the “Re-kill" switch, repeats it back in a loop.

In addition to that trick, you can also tap the kill switch while in re-kill mode to double or quadruple the speed of the loop, creating glitched out waves of sound.

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