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The Dwarfcraft Hax guitar pedal is part ring mod, part synthesizer, and part guitar-mutator-injector machine that belts out fuzzy, fuzzy noise. The Hax pedal creates a squarewave at a predetermined musical distance from your input signal.

The Hax Pedal's tune dial adjusts the ring modulation. A Moog expression pedal control lets you activate the Hax pedal hands-free, so you can change your rock tones while you're rockin' out (Moog expression pedal not included). The Blend control lets you have full ring modulation, or a clean tone dialed in the other direction. The Hax pedal gives an almost-pitch-shifter effect to your guitar, although the tone you get is not clean by any means.

Hax has a wide oscillator range, from put-put-put robot farts to demon squeals. The High/Low Stop switch changes the oscillator's range. The Hi/Low switch quick switches between tones. You get a little bit smoother control on the pitch in the high range, but it's much tougher to dial in a tremolo-type effect. The dirty tone you can get in the high range is a mind-bending freq-out that would make Stereolab and Dr. Robert Moog happy.

Finally, the Crash knob, while not easily controllable, lends some truly insane sonic qualities to Hax ring modulator pedal. The Crash glitches out hard in the best way possible.


  • Expression pedal control input
  • Ring tune dial
  • Blend control
  • Hi/Low stop switch
  • Bypass switch
  • Crash knob
  • LED illumination


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2013-11-149/10  Very unique and weired sounds...

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