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Dwarfcraft Devices


Eau Claire, WI – 9/27/17 – Dwarfcraft Devices is proud to announce their latest pedal: The Grazer. The Grazer is a granular repeater and glitch machine, which builds sounds by continuously taking tiny samples from the input audio. The sounds range from off-kilter echoes, to curious “buffer overload” skips, all the way up to harsh machine glitches.

  • SIZE - adjusts the sample size, from short, echo-like chunks to pure electronic buzz
  • PITCH - allows you to pitch up the granular audio beyond recognition
  • MIX - Full wet/dry mix
  • GRAB - the pedal will automatically loop some of the granular audio at regular intervals defined by the grab knob, or whenever the Grab foot switch is pressed.
  • Expression control can be routed to manipulate the Size or Pitch functions.

GRAZER will retail for $225 and is expected to ship by 10/20/17.  

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