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The Dwarfcraft Dream Mangler distortion guitar pedal is a monster effect that combines the terrible powers of disaster fuzz, a treble-blasting oscillating screaming demon, and the smooth power of a vintage fuzz master. On one side is a Disaster Fuzz, on the other is a vintage fuzz master for all the destructive tone that you could ask for.

Disaster Fuzz is simple and straightforward. The toggle triggers the oscillation, the volume knob adds strength to the sound, and the footswitch engages the effect. Disaster fuzz oscillation is controlled by the joystick, as is the intensity of the Vintage Fuzz master. The result is noise aplenty with volume to spare. The joystick alters the intensity of the disaster fuzz, increasing as it gets closer to the volume pedal. Engaging the toggle produces killer electronic oscillation sounds that buzz and distort in some of the coolest ways possible.

The Vintage Fuzz Master produces very smooth blended distortion that is not grating, but produces sound that still could rupture eardrums. It features a noise and chaos toggles. The noise produces splattered tone, much like on the Synth Mangler. The chaos toggle produces destructive noise bursts, with screaming overtones, and the VFM volume lets you push the tone or bring it back.


  • Joystick
  • LEDs for Vintage Fuzz Master (VFM) or Disaster Fuzz (DF)
  • DF volume
  • DF oscillation toggle
  • DF footswitch
  • VFM volume
  • VFM noise toggle
  • VFM chaos toggle
  • VFM footswitch

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