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Dwarfcraft Devices

The Dwarfcraft Bit Mangler distortion effect pedal, pairs the wicked Bit fuzz, an extremely cruel and loud circuit, with the smooth octave up and grinding lows of the Vintage Fuzz Master. Both fuzzes have chaos and noise modes available, and the intensity of each is controlled by the stombox's great big joystick.

Formerly produced by Devi Ever USA, the Bit Mangler pedal rips your guitar tone into a new and exciting chaotic noise masterpiece.


  • Vintage Fuzz Master switch
  • Vintage Fuzz Master noise toggle
  • Vintage Fuzz Master chaos toggle
  • Vintage Fuzz Master volume knob
  • Bit switch
  • Bit noise toggle
  • Bit chaos toggle
  • Bit volume knob
  • Master joystick
  • LEDs

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