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Say What? BABY THUNDAA THAT'S WHAT. It's an itsy bitsy little pedal jam packed with all the fury and most of the functions of the (large) Eau Claire Thunder.

You get 4 good old fashioned knobs- Volume, Tone, Distortion, Feedback, 2 exciting toggles- Tone Bypass, Feedback and one BIG STOMP switch to make it go on and off. We top it off with a pair of audio jacks and a DC power jack to form one complete pedal. As always, Baby Thundaa is hand made in Eau Claire, WI, and delivers a full frequency fuzz/distortion that has been winning over bassists and guitarists alike.

A special edition of Baby Thunders has been created to celebrate the release of The Ronald Raygun's explosive LP, We Will All Be Dirt. This edition of nine pedals will be available direct from Dwarfcraft Global Media. Each of these "Raygun edition" pedals ships with one of the 100 'Dirt LPs.

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