Dwarfcraft Devices


    Dwarfcraft Devices is run by Benjamin Hinz and Louise Woletz Hinz, "sometimes in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, sometimes in Jaab'daa'j'baa, The 3rd Plane".

    Timeline (by Benjamin Hinz)

    • 65 million years ago: Killed all the dinosaurs (FINALLY!)
    • 3,000 years ago: Killed the last fucking mammoth
    • THE YEAR 30: Advised Jesus that I could just "waste all those Roman fucks for U" (declined)
    • 1978: Killed Rocky Balboa in hand to hand combat before he could appear in Rocky 2 (they changed this for the movie)
    • 1982-2003: Trained in Audio Combat by Dwarf Lord Garmudjiundion
    • 2005: Duplicated manufacturing facility on Jaab'daa'j'baa, The 3rd Plane, allowing for double build speed
    • 2010: Released The Ronald Raygun: We Will All Be Dirt



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