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The DV Mark Over Marker offers a practical range of sounds, from mild crunch to wild lead distortion, and its versatility makes it useful for any musical style. It always honors your guitar’s voice, providing very dynamic, touch-sensitive response and a large output range. On the road the Over Marker expresses all its dirt, anger, and evil all in aid of great music, and thanks to carefully selected and high-quality components.

Four knobs control your sound:

  • OVER-D – adjusts the amount of distortion.
  • LEVEL - controls the overall effect volume, so you can match the distortion level to the clean volume when switching the effect on and off, or set the amount of boost you want the pedal to cause.
  • TONE 1 - controls the frequencies from 200 Hz to 2.5 kHz. Turning this knob up will result in brighter distortion tone; turning it down will make the distortion darker.
  • TONE 2 - cuts from 0 to - 20dB at 800 Hz. This control removes mids from your distortion tone.

Like all our pedals, this unit features“true bypass”: that means that when the over Marker is‘off’, your signal goes directly from the input jack to the output jack without any degradation of audio quality.

Most guitarists already have at least one distortion/overdrive pedal. DV Mark is confident that the Over Marker will be a welcome addition to any pedal board.


  • Great tube-like tone
  • Mild crunch to wild lead distortion
  • Extensive tone adjustment
  • True bypass

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